Technology for CPA and Accounting Firms

Ready to make technology work for you?

As an IT firm, our expertise is helping CPA and Accounting firms grow leveraging today’s best and most innovative technology strategies. Your expertise is accounting, while our expertise is IT for CPA’s.

Most CPA firms we talk with don’t have the time or patience to figure out how to integrate their technology, avoid technology disruptions, and avoid making mistakes with their IT that could cost them time and money. All accountants and CPA firms we talk with want to avoid wasting money investing in things they don’t need.

CPA and Accounting IT Specialists

Solution Builders specializes in helping CPA and Accounting Firms manage their IT and technology by being your technology partner. The goal for your CPA firm should be to create a technology environment where you can run your accounting business, instead of your technology running you.

Reliable Technology Support

With a proven process of outsourced IT services, the burden of your technology struggles are shouldered by us, your IT provider. We manage your technology tools for you, as well as integrate your line-of-business applications through world-class support, which allows you to focus on growing your business.

Expert Guidance on the Best Options

For your accounting practice to grow and be profitable, you’ll need the right IT infrastructure. And, if you’re like most of our CPA clients, you’re probably on the fence on what technology is best for your firm and probably aren’t familiar with all of your options, either.

Your Local IT Partner

At Solution Builders, we specialize in working with CPA and accounting firms who live and work in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, because this is where we live and work, too. We’re passionate about our community and even more passionate about helping CPA firms solve their IT struggles, once and for all.

By specializing in CPAs and Accounting firms, it gives us experience and knowledge that no other IT providers have. Your needs are understood by our team, we have a deep knowledge of the line-of-business applications you use, and act as your guide in problem solving the different technology issues that affect your business.

You’ll receive a proven, scalable process in working with us that aligns your business with your technology, that’s specifically tailored for the needs of CPA and accounting firms. The best IT partner is one that understands your industries specific challenges and supports you in the right technology that will grow your business.

Partner with a technology and IT provider who will guide you in navigating the nuances of accounting and technology. We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul market since 1995 and want to be your technology partner.

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